Honeymoon in Miami

. . . and Key West. Kevan and I got married at the end of April and took a quick honeymoon on our way back to Trinidad. Despite the fact that we only had two and a half days in Miami, we were determined to spend one of them in Key West. That meant that our first day there included many hours of driving.

There were many state parks along the way, and we stopped at one and did a one mile hike/walk through a mangrove forest.

In the interest of time, we ran the second half of the trail.

We finally got down to Key West, and we were starving. We were told that we simply must get Cuban food, so we stopped for ropa vieja and sangria. It was delicious.

I do not know what this square of busts was called; I only know that I loved it.

My favorite bust. Apparently someone else’s favorite, too, since he got a nice necklace. I made this image large just so you could read the text.

A Key West icon. Out of about twenty attempts, this was the best shot.

On day 2 we went to the Everglades and did an airboat tour. Our guide was great, and we saw tons of wildlife including birds (that could catch breadcrumbs right out of the air), turtles, iguanas, fish, and, of course, gators.

My favorite gator, located at a mall where we accidentally got lost for two hours . . . oops.

On our second and last night we went to a very fancy restaurant in downtown Miami. I told them it was our honeymoon, but they made the wrong note and we got this instead. We weren’t upset; we got complimentary champagne in addition to the sundae!

– Rose